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I think all moms have a few little mom secrets about parenting and how we really live our lives. None of us really know all the secrets to parenting the right way. I’ve read other blog posts online where parents (anonymously) divulge some of their guilty secrets, so I thought I’d write down some of my own to share. Here are six of my mom secrets:

Mom Secrets

My daughter thinks that the word “poop” is hilarious and says it often. 

A normal conversation with her may go something like this: “Hi, poopy sunglasses!” or “Hi, poopy eyes!” followed with an eruption of giggles. While I try to encourage her not to say it, I have a hard time keeping my laughter at bay. The other day in Target, the young man at the cash register could not keep a straight face as she said “Hey, poopy mom!” while he checked us out. The employee, the shoppers around us and I were all laughing and, unfortunately, that’s not helping her stop using the word.

I have to hide or bribe the kids before I make a phone call. 

I love being home with the kids, but they certainly make phone calls (no, not just calls to friends, but ones to make appointments) nearly impossible. It seems like the moment I get on the phone, my son and daughter start fighting like Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas in the boxing ring. Needless to say, I’ve been known to do two of the following: Give in to candy or cookie pleas to keep the kids quiet and cease the fighting (they know that I’m distracted and will give in if they ask or bring the goodies from the pantry), or hide from them. The laundry room or a closet make perfect, quiet spots to sneak off to for a few moments of silence to complete a phone call.

Nursing my daughter at over one year of age.

I enjoyed breastfeeding. 

I really didn’t think I would be able to nurse. In fact, I was more nervous about nursing than actually delivering my firstborn. While nursing is natural, and I have a lot of breastfeeding advocates and role models in my life who clued me in on the breastfeeding secrets for success, I just wasn’t sure about the whole thing. But once I got through the first few weeks of sore, chapped nipples, I realized that it was truly a great way to bond with my baby – plus, it was convenient. I didn’t want to have to warm up formula in the middle of the night!


I have no clue how to parent. 

Do you? Do you really? Parenting ain’t easy, folks. I think so many moms today want to be the Pinterest moms (not dissing that – it’s just that some moms take it to the extreme), the shiny moms who act like they can do it all, and pity those poor souls who can’t.Here’s a little secret I’ll fill you in on: some days we watch way too much television. My kids rarely eat organic food. I’ve left the house looking like someone ransacked it, yet sadly it was just a huge mess that my children and I needed to pick up. Laundry is usually in the dryer for a day before I get it folded and put away. My kids brush their teeth at night, but sometimes we miss the morning brush (I’m working really hard on that one). Sometimes I don’t know how to handle tantrums. Sometimes I want to just give in so they stop crying. There have been countless times my husband and I have looked at each other asking, “What we should do? How should we handle this situation?” Parenting is tough and there is no perfect way to do it. You just parent in the way that feels right to you and works best for your children.

I am too frequently online. 

Photo credit: flickr 

Technology does a lot of good things, but sometimes I feel like Angelica’s mom on the cartoon Rugrats. I work from home, so there are times I need to respond to an email, edit an article, or want to get a start on a writing project. Therefore, on occasion I am sitting at my computer desk and have to tell my children to hold on a minute so I can get an e-mail sent or find a good place to stop what I am doing. There are other times I am just browsing the Internet for fun. I am pretty sure I am not alone on this one; technology is a huge distraction and the iPhones and iPads need to be put aside!

I have used my kids to get myself out of things.

While I love seeing my friends and having a social life, sometimes there are things I just don’t feel like doing or that seem like a lot of work knowing I’ll have two kids in tow. So I’ve used the kids as an excuse to not drive a far distance or dine at a fancy restaurant either because they are too hard to bring along or we can’t find a baby-sitter. While it’s actually the truth that those things are much more difficult with little ones, there have been a few times I stretched the truth in order to bow out of things.

While it took some guts to share some of these mom secrets with you all, I am guessing every parent out there has a few things they aren’t 100 percent proud of and are reluctant to share. Parenting is amazing, but it’s hard, too.  Do you have any secrets that you’d be willing to confess?

 What are some of your mom secrets? 
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