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With my third child on the way, I decided to revisit a blog series I started when I was just shy of two months before my first baby was due. The topic? All the things to love about life. I wondered: In the 6.5 years since I first wrote these, how have my views changed? So I’m reposting these original writings, along with my updated thoughts. Today’s entry: pets.

My “child” Goldie, circa 2008


Friday, March 28, 2008

#47 — Pets

Will you be a dog person, or a cat person? Or maybe a lizard (ew) or bird person?If you are anything like your Mom, “big” cousin Katelynn, you are going to have a love and compassion for the animals placed in your care.

Sometimes you will want company, but will be too tired to entertain another “human.” That will be the time you will want someone to just be there, and love you for whatever mood you are in, or where you are in your life.

I wish you many long years with pets that you love, and a sympathetic voice for those who can not speak for themselves.

J..J. — One of grandma’s three dogs who are
our honorary pets who visit, then go home

Thursday, September 11, 2014

#47 Pets

My first entry with this title was written by a true new parent who had only owned dogs and thought that bought me some parenting experience. I still have a lot of compassion for animals, but we’ve established a “no pets” policy in our house — at least for a few more years. No dogs. No cats (your dad is allergic). No fish. No lizards (except for the occasional gecko that runs through the front door and then hides out in the house for a few days). You have four older siblings and for our family right now, five little things to care for is MORE than enough.

Perhaps a life without pets will be okay with you, like your brother Ferris and sister Emilia. Maybe you will stop to pet every dog, cat, fish and lizard that crosses your path, like your sisters London and Erinn. There is a lot to love about our animal friends — your mom just can’t handle them living with us (for now).


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