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As the kids are growing up and continuing to become tiny adults, the mom thoughts spin wild and it’s hard to slow down time and remember everything. Here are some things I think about while my children’s childhood is in full blooms.

Mom Thoughts

They are no longer my little ones, not even my baby.

So many firsts are come and gone.

The baby can ride a two-wheeler.

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The oldest can do his own laundry (although he doesn’t unless watched through every step).

Spongebob has replaced Sesame Street.

Minecraft has replaced PBS.org.

Instead of kisses and long hugs before school I get a wave as they run to class.

Modesty has replaced naked dancing in the living room.

They can make their own sandwiches and use the microwave.

They no longer need supervision at all times.

They want privacy.

They are testing their independence.

Trying out their wings.

But there are still early morning snuggles.

They can still crawl into my lap when tired or sick.

Even the oldest still calls me Mama when he’s sick or hurt.

And they can still have meltdowns they require my softness and warm embrace.

But now these meltdowns come with words.

Words of what is hurting them.

Instead of simply tears and cries of pain.

And there are other words.

Words of what brings them joy.

Words of what they hope.

Words of what they deeply dream.

Childhood has come to our home slowly at first, then rapidly spreading like fire through our three children. It has lighted them up and opened them up in ways I couldn’t dream when I first held each one as newborns. I thought that was my favorite stage, the dreamy, milky stage when they clung to me. But now, I cannot wait to see what they do next.

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