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Mother’s Day. A day set aside to celebrate moms and all that they do. A day that we flood Facebook with pictures of moms like it’s #ThrowbackThursday. A day when we call her, buy her cards, flowers, candy, and maybe even get to celebrate with brunch. It’s a day I often enjoy myself having four kids, and one on the way due around Thanksgiving. It’s just a day I’ve come to expect my hubby and kids will celebrate me. Sometimes we also may have a hard mother’s day.

A Hard Mother’s Day

What I didn’t see coming this year was the flood of emotions (probably hormonally charged) that are full of happiness and sadness. Emotions that remind me my own mom passed away nearly 3.5 years ago. Emotions because my stepmom is the best stepmom a girl could ever ask for. Raw emotions because my own stepdaughter is only 22 and just recently lost her own mom and doesn’t get to celebrate with her mom today. And then more unexpected tears because my daughter’s friend texted me this morning to wish me a happy Mother’s Day since her own mom passed away a few years ago, and I have become her “adopted” mom.

I should be happy for today, but my heart aches because I have friends who so desperately want to have babies and be a mom. Some of them, myself included, even have babies in Heaven which makes this holiday so much harder.

I didn’t see it coming, The flood of emotions and tears that would come today when gratefully looking at my nearly 12-week growing belly. A pregnancy I didn’t know if we’d ever have, after losing our son nearly three years ago.

I didn’t see it coming that I would ever have a love/hate relationship with a special holiday, meant for me. This holiday is beautiful, and it’s also a hard mother’s day all at the same time.This holiday focuses on moms who have raised or are currently raising children. But in my heart it’s for all women. Women who have a heart for children, a heart to be a mom, and who may never get that chance. I want to join the rest of the world and rejoice for all of you, but my heart aches for those of you who are still hoping and waiting. Those of you who know there will never be a baby to hold even when you know you’d make the most awesome mom ever! Just know this, you are not forgotten. There will be no blanket happy Mother’s Day Facebook post from me because I just don’t think it’s fair. Not when you have a hard Mother’s Day.

What do you do to keep from having a hard Mother’s Day? How do you remember your mom?

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