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Recently I celebrated my 32 birthday. It’s not really a super special birthday or anything, but it’s my special day. When I was young I loved to celebrate birthdays, just like all kids. Your parents make you feel super special and you get to have a party with friends and family — and of course my favorite, cupcakes.
My husband and I (right) with my brother and sis-in-law

When you get older you get to celebrate birthdays and party occasionally, like on big years but normally it’s just something small. You might get together with friends, or your immediate family, get a card or two in the mail, and if you’re lucky your husband might take you out for a date or dinner where you aren’t cutting someone else’s food, feeding someone, or only getting to eat a few bites before running out the door after a cranky kid. But really, it doesn’t matter how old you are, if you are married, single, kids, or no kids — you should still celebrate birthdays!

Celebrate Birthdays, No Matter the Age!

I am one of those strange people who loves family gatherings. I miss not having both sides of the family get together at every holiday. I guess I grew up that way and family is so important to me I just don’t feel the same without them. However with age, more kids, and distance, it doesn’t happen any more. My husband is not one who celebrates birthdays, or any artificial made up Hallmark holidays for that matter. He doesn’t get the point. He doesn’t think birthdays need to be celebrated for days or weeks or a big deal made out of them.

My birthday ice cream treat.

But I DO. I decorate our house with streamers and balloons, and signs, and make special meals, and have lots of excitement. I never forget the cake or ice cream either, I mean come on. So when my not-so-exciting 32nd birthday was approaching I tried to drop some hints to my husband. I told him I just wanted to be treated like a princess. He asked me to elaborate because he didn’t get it (or why I even wanted that). I said, let me sleep in, pamper me with cake and decorations, and make dinner. Maybe even clean the house for me. Wow , Just the thought of all that was really the best present for me.

When my birthday first approached, it started like a normal day so to make sure it was special I made plans to get a pedicure with a friend and later ice cream with another. My husband was taking me out for dinner the day before with some friends (thanks to my Mother-in-law for babysitting!), then I went out the night of my birthday with a friend.

My kids were excited to make me a cake but we ended up not having all the ingredients so my kids were bummed.  I felt like I let my kids down because they were the very people who were most excited about celebrating me and we didn’t really celebrate together. Most of my family lives out of town and my husband’s family is too so I really didn’t have any family to celebrate with. Luckily I had some friends which I am blessed to have and they gave up part of  their day for me. It made me feel special to have some activities to do during the day and night to make a normal day feel special. My sister-in-law brought me cupcakes the next day too so I could enjoy that special treat.


Cupcakes from my Sister In Law

I did  have a great birthday even if there wasn’t as much celebrating as I normally like. I believe that no matter how young or old you are, which day of the week your birthday falls on, or if your spouse believes in celebrating or not — birthdays are special! You SHOULD be celebrated, you are a gift from God and he chose your birthday for a reason.

So if no one is around to celebrate with you, go celebrate yourself! Get a cupcake and some ice cream, hang up your own balloons if you need to (I did!), go shopping or get your nails and hair done. Make sure to do what makes you feel special and don’t be afraid to ask for something. Moms all need to feel pampered. We do so much for everyone else we need time to take care of ourselves and be celebrated. So on your next birthday, make sure to celebrate your life!

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