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Well, it happened. The first loose tooth in the family. My oldest daughter turned six in January, and her tooth was loose for two months before it finally came out. I was excited for her and the Tooth Fairy, but I was also dreading it. I didn’t want this day to come. I know it sounds pathetic, but she’s my oldest and already almost done with kindergarten. She is growing up, and I didn’t want another milestone to happen. But it did and I survived.

I was actually super excited for her that it happened so easily because I was afraid I’d have to pull it out for her. I’m not afraid to do that (I’m a former teacher who’s pulled a few teeth in my day), but I worried about her screaming and crying and bleeding. She pulled it herself, surprisingly, and was so excited she didn’t care it was bleeding. It happened right before bedtime and I wasn’t prepared. We had to hurry and search for our Tooth Fairy Pillow (We’ve had it for two to three years just waiting to use it). Then we called everyone we knew, including grandparents, aunts and uncles, to Facetime. Then we had to try to calm her down from her excitement.

Tooth Fairy Adventures…

Then I went to Pinterest to get some help with the Tooth Fairy. Wow. There are so many great ideas. I printed a few certificates and tried to pick which one I liked best. There is an adorable doorway to put on your bookshelf for the fairy to enter. You can find it on Etsy and our Pinterest board, but I wasn’t ready soon enough for that one.  Luckily I had candy and cash ready. I had known all along I wanted to make the money glittery after seeing that on Pinterest a while back.

What I wasn’t ready for was the backlash from my friends and the Facebook world. See, lots of different people have told me what dollar amounts their children got from the Tooth Fairy. I’m talking toys, coins, and dollar amounts up to $20. My daughter’s aunt told her the Tooth Fairy brings $5 for your first tooth and then less after that. I wasn’t planning to do that much originally, but after that she expected it. I thought, “It’s the first tooth. Why not?” So I took a picture of my pride and joy with her sparkly money from the Tooth Fairy and shared it on Facebook. Wow. I wasn’t prepared for that. I got so many hurtful remarks. I was shocked. People were shocked I  gave that amount. Only a few friends and family members left nice comments. Others complained and said it was too much and they couldn’t believe I gave that much. Even my father-in law said something. I guess I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.


So, we survived and my daughter was super excited and never wants to spend her sparkly money. I’m glad we made it through and now we have another loose tooth. Ha! I guess I had a learning moment there. I learned that I’m a mom to my children and I can and will parent them how I believe is best, and I’ll have fun with them. I don’t need social media to burst my bubble and make me feel bad when I am having a good time with my kids and we are enjoying life. It was a first moment in my daughter’s life I will never forget, and I’m glad she got a memorable sparkly five-dollar bill.

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