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Are you tired of just buying store-bought Valentine’s Day cards for your kiddos to hand out? Do you want to do something new and simple? I know I am. I want to do something different this year! So I looked into DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for my kids and I to do.

I was browsing our Pinterest account for ideas on something new for the kids to do. I found tons of super cute and easy ideas for my kids to do with me to pass out to their classmates or friends. If you want to do something new and fun, and not use candy , I have some ideas for you!

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards Ideas

Simple DIY Valentines ideas:

  • Buy silly straws. You can find them at Target or Walmart, or any party supply stores usually for pretty cheap. Then you type up and print on cardstock your phrase like ‘I’m silly for you’ or ‘Sip-Sip Hooray, It’s Valentine’s Day.’ You simply attach the cardstock to the straw.
  • Another simple idea similar to that is to use a glow stick on cardstock with a phrase like ‘You Make My Heart Glow.’ Again you can find a package of glow sticks for cheap at craft stores or other stores.

More complex Valentines ideas:

  • Get rid of all of those broken up crayons and use them for Valentine’s Day fun. Follow the direction on our Pinterest link. Simply melt the crayons in a heart-shaped silicone mold and attach them to a card. I found the phrase “Color My World” cute.
  • If your kids are big into making bracelets right now, you can have your child make one for each person in the class with a card attached saying “Our class would ‘knot’ be the same without you.”
  • Make a bookmark for your kiddos to give out to their friends or family members/teachers. I like the ones where kids use their thumbs to stamp hearts.
  • One of my favorites that my niece gave us (picture on the right) was a photo of her holding a sucker, or a pencil in her hand, but a real one as attached to the picture. It turned out cute and was unique. It’s an easy set up — you just take a picture of your child holding their hand up high in the air, then cut a slit where the hands are and slide a sucker or pencil in the slot. It’s creative and cute.

Boy-friendly Valentines ideas:

  • Take either a plastic bug or some gummy worms and attach them to a card stock bug jar print out saying “Happy Valentine’s Day Love Bug.”
  • Cut out a cape from paper and attached it to a sucker. Put a cute saying on the cape, something like ‘You’re a Super Friend.”

I hope you have some fun creating new DIY Valentine’s Day cards ideas for your kids like I am.


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