Heather C Heather C is a married, mom of three: big sis Lily and identical twins Natalie and Sophia. She has been guest blogging for Mumbling Mommy since February of 2012 and began working as a Social Media Editor in 2014. After nearly a decade in banking, she now works part time at a doctor's office specializing in breastfeeding medicine and spends the rest of her days in her Midwest home as zookeeper/stay-at-home-mom. Heather C is also a runner, hiker, yogi, bike rider and more. She reads when she finds more than a few minutes to herself and she hosts a lot of pajama dance parties in her kitchen. In her spare time, she's the co-leader for her daughter's Girl Scout troop and an active member of the school's Parent-Teacher Committee as well as a certified postpartum doula.

Blogging is not what it used to be. These days, it seems just about everyone has a blog. There are some with valuable information to share with a huge audience and others meant to just talk about daily life and keep up with family and friends. There are business blogs, financial blogs, parenting blogs, food blogs and so much more. Whatever the purpose of your blog, though, chances are you are posting pictures on your blog publicly. And unfortunately, it’s not all sugar and rainbows when it comes to protecting your blog images.

Copyright infringement is a serious crime. If you have ever used a photo on your blog that you personally did not take, there’s a good chance you could have committed this crime. I know what you are thinking: “Uh, have you SEEN all the images on the internet? No way is that a big deal.” You may be right, but on the off chance you are wrong, wouldn’t it be a good idea to follow these three extremely simple steps to make sure your images and blog are protected?

Protect Your Blog Images

  1. Use original photos: The easiest way to know for sure that you are not stealing another person’s artwork is to always use photos you physically took yourself. This is pretty easy for parenting blogs because you can stage your own kids, but you may have to get slightly more creative for other types of blogs. I would also advise downloading a free app to create a watermark or copyright stamp to put on all of your own photos. This makes it very clear that every image you use is your own and protects your images from being stolen.
  2. Use photos offered under a creative commons license: This means users have uploaded their photos to the internet with the intent for anyone to be able to legally use this. If you are uncomfortable using your own children or home for your photos, this is the way to go. The options are more limited than a standard Google image search but it’s worth it.
  3. Purchase royalty free photos: You can pay per image or sign up with a variety of sources with a membership to use photos. This is a less cost effective way of getting images BUT it is still important to note because sometimes the perfect blog needs the perfect image to go with it. If you run a profitable blog, this may be the answer. And paying mere pennies for an image trumps the thousands in fines and legal fees you could be charged if caught using stolen images.

Do you run a blog? Hopefully these tips keep your blog images safe. Please share with all of your blogging friends as well.

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