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I know that every mom thinks her baby is the smartest and sweetest and shows potential for great things. I think in some way, every mom is right. Today I join the chorus of other proud moms to praise one of my own little ones, who officially sheds the “baby” label today.

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Mumbling Mommy. In the past two years, I’ve watched you move from stagnancy, to a steady crawl, to tentative steps. I can proudly say that you now have the ability to just take off and run. I look forward to chasing after that momentum and nurturing it the best I can.

To the bloggers: Your words encourage me, inspire me, make me laugh and remind me that sometimes the simplest things in our lives connect us the most closely. Thank you for making me appreciate the fact that as women and moms, we truly have more in common than we do in contrast.

To the readers: Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing our links and letting us into your lives too. Many of the posts on these pages are a direct result of your input.

For new readers, and those who have been around since the beginning and are curious, these are our top five posts of all time:

1. Mommy 101: Working from Home (Part II) — 8,006 views
2. What Pregnancy Does to Anorexics — 6,761 views
3. Night Nurses for Newborns: Would You Do it if You Could? — 3,388 views
4. Feeding Frenzy Friday: Breastfeeding Twins — 2,731 views
5. Hot Topic Tuesday: Why I Chose NOT to Cloth Diaper — 1,779 views

The rest of our 158,028 (!!) all-time views are made up of a combination of smaller amounts of page views from our 586 posts. We average 13,000 total page views every month — some from loyal readers and others from complete strangers who find us on search engines. It makes me proud to know that our friends and family read our posts, but also that new people find us on a daily basis and read our authentic stories and seek out our advice.

In my headline, I used the word “terrific” to describe my aspirations for the upcoming year. I chose this word carefully and because of its official definition: “of great size, amount, or intensity.” My hope is that this year will be full of volume — more posts, more bloggers and ultimately, more readers. Some things on the horizon include:

  • A redesign of the blog and logo
  • A bigger Pinterest presence, with boards for ALL things parenting
  • Selective sponsorships each month
  • MORE giveaways!!
  • Continuing to build our charity spotlight

We’ve got our foundation — it’s time to build with more confidence and abandon. I look forward to this next year and hope that whatever role you play in this blog, you are too.

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