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Looking for a quick and easy easy way to have fresh donuts at home? Did you know you do not have to leave your nice, cozy, warm home and drive to the cold, sterile corner donut store to enjoy donuts? This recipe is all over the Internet and I can’t be sure where I originally found the idea. Here is the process for turning canned biscuits into fresh canned biscuit donuts.

Canned Biscuit Donuts

Ingredients and Equipment:

  • canned biscuits (I used sourdough)
  • vegetable oil
  • thermometer
  • dutch oven or other heavy pan to boil oil in
  • shot glass or other utensil to cut holes in center of biscuits
  • tongs or wooden spoon to put donuts into and out of oil
  • sugar, chocolate, cinnamon, or sprinkles for toppings



Fill your dutch oven with two inches of oil. Place the thermometer in the pan but don’t let it touch the bottom of pan. Turn on the stove and heat until thermometer reads 350 degrees.

Pop open canned biscuits and cut out center holes. I used a shot glass because the size is perfect. Bonus: you also can make donut holes out the middles!

IMG_0395    IMG_0404

Prepare a draining station as seen above. I used a cooling rack and aluminum foil to hold the hot, dripping oil.

Using the handle end of a wooden spoon gently place biscuits into hot oil. The temperature will drop, but don’t turn up the heat or you will burn the donuts. Carefully use the wooden spoon or tongs or to turn the donuts in the oil after a minute or two. You want a nice brown color and timing will depend on desired doneness and how hot your oil is.

Once cooked on both sides, gently remove donuts from oil and place on draining rack. Let cool for five minutes, then enjoy plain or cover with your favorite toppings. We used cinnamon sugar mix (2 tablespoons white sugar, 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon) and powdered sugar as toppings for our donuts.

IMG_0405    IMG_0409

Remember to be safe as the oil is incredibly hot. Children can help in many steps of this process, but the hot cooking oil should be handled only by an adult.

Enjoy your homemade biscuit donuts right away with hot cocoa or fresh coffee. And remember to buy extra cans of biscuits as these treats are sure to become regular requests in your home.

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