Amanda Amanda is a married 30-something with three kids. She previously worked full-time as a clinical social worker in a homeless shelter for young mothers. She earned her masters degree while commuting to school and learned to share parenting and conflicting parenting styles with her husband. Now she is learning to manage her career, marriage, kids, and personal time. Amanda is also a writer, a continuously-trying-to-start-again runner, reader, cook, novice pianist, terrible housekeeper, and amateur juggler. She hates laundry. Contact Amanda by emailing

Welcome to Frugal Friday! This is our fourth installment in conjunction with Money Saving Mom and Simply Rebekah where we talk about ways we save money in our households. Last week, Maddie shared her recipe for baked pumpkin doughnuts. Read all the other posts in our Frugal Friday series here. This installment is how to save money on your moms night out. Being frugal doesn’t mean NOT having fun. It means having even more fun because you know there’s even more cash in your wallet.

Being Frugal On Moms Night Out

I love a good night out with my sisters or girlfriends. With three children, finding the spare moolah to enjoy that night out isn’t always easy. We’re lucky to not struggle too much financially, but there are weekends when going out just isn’t in the budget. I’m blessed that I have a great group of girlfriends that are in similar boats so not only do they empathize and help me with tips for budgeting and spreading the dollar, they also appreciate a frugal Moms Night Out.

Throw a party at home! In the past I’ve thrown a Favorite Things Party. This idea came from Pinterest and was such a huge hit with my moms group that some took it to other circles where the idea has spread! A Favorite Things party is essentially a way to get together with friends and show off/bring to share your “favorite thing”. I gave out bottles of my favorite bottle of wine and put out my favorite dip for an appetizer. The gift exchange involves everyone bringing 5 (although you could modify this depending on total number of guests at the party. My party was small so we only swapped 5 gifts) of their favorite item, which costs 5-10 dollars total (so guests only spend 25-50 dollars. Then everyone puts their name in a hat five times and then draws out the same number of names. Everyone leaves the party with 5 new favorite things!

Groupons for MNO! I’m big on Groupons. I’ve bought yoga pants, yoga classes, and dinners off Groupon. I’ve heard there exists problems with the system, but I’ve personally only had good experiences. Groupons have gotten me half off dinners and yoga classes for $5. My girlfriends and I have also used coupons/Groupons for entire nights out. Its a been a great and frugal way to go out on a budget and have fun.

Painting with a Twist Art projects have also been a passion of mine. I’m terrible artist but I have fun with them and that’s what my mom always told me mattered. Anyway, my mom’s group leader organized a Painting with a Twist outing this summer. They have similar places all over the country. The gist is you bring a bottle of wine and then paint your own version of a masterpiece. I’ve received rave reviews on mine (from my mom) and had a blast doing these. They’re only about $35 in my area and I highly recommend them.

Whatever you end up doing, it’s important to remember that a moms night out doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There’s the $1 movie shows, walking at the park, getting a coffee at the local bookstore, and hundreds of other low cost and free options including fairs, festivals, and local events. Don’t stay home and mope, go out and have hope! (I’ll show myself out….)

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