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By Maddie

I’ll be the first to admit that the vast world of makeup and
cosmetics is a bit overwhelming to me. Don’t get me wrong – I actually really
LIKE makeup – I just can’t always seem to figure out what exactly it is that I
need or what colors are best for me. 

When I was working full time, I usually
wore a tinted moisturizer with powder over it, just

to cover up any red spots
and even out some of the acne scars I have from my teenage years. I didn’t
usually do eye makeup because either I was wearing contacts, making my already
sensitive eyes even more sensitive, or I was wearing glasses and figured no one
would notice. 

Lip gloss? I was lucky to remember Chapstick. Once I got pregnant
with my daughter, my skin (along with the rest of my body) went a little haywire.
It started peeling and flaking, and makeup just made it worse. So I went a
solid 9 months without wearing any makeup at all!

But now that my skin is back to normal and I have had LASIK
to correct my vision, I’ve decided that the time is right to start trying to
find makeup that is easy enough for everyday use but also gives me a somewhat
more polished look than my bare skin (I’m 26 and have been accused of looking
16 recently!).

Pre-LASIK — told you I’m fair skinned!
I know most of us moms are incredibly busy and taking the
time to perfect our makeup routine doesn’t necessarily always fit into the
schedule. Here are some easy ways to get started with makeup:
  • Start small – make it a habit to start wearing
    one product per day. An easy way to start is with lip color or mascara. Using
    either of these products will make a big difference in how you look.

  • Try a BBcream or tinted moisturizer as a base – both BB Cream (BB stands for beauty balm) and
    tinted moisturizer are simple to apply and will even out your skin. From there,
    you can add other products such as blush, bronzer, and eye color.
  • Consider a system – a
    complete makeup system is probably the easiest way to look polished in a short
    amount of time. Makeup systems typically come with all of the products that you
    would need for a complete look, along with instructions on how to achieve that
    look on a daily basis.
One last thing that we all should consider is sun
protection. You can see from my About Me photo that I am quite fair-skinned and
have a lot of freckles. It’s critical for me, and everyone else, to look
carefully at the products that we use and make sure that they offer as much sun
protection as possible. We should also all be wearing sunscreen every single
day, no matter the weather.
So please share with us, what kind of makeup routine do you
use? Or are you like me and want to start jumping into wearing makeup more
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