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Dear Readers —

Since November 2011, when I first decided to relaunch a personal blog about my family life, you have been amazing. You have read what I had to say, reached out to me through comments, emails and Facebook, and some of you have even become writers alongside me. What started as a blog that received 75 to 100 views each month has now grown to top the 8,000 mark consistently. To many Web-savvy folks, 8K page views in a month is not a whole lot, but for a blog that has no corporate backing and has had to earn each one of those views organically, it’s a big number.

So thank you.

In recent months, it seems that the blog has started to roll forward with a momentum all its own. We receive daily requests from companies that want to sponsor posts, or learn about banner ads, or put their stamp of approval on what our writers have to say. At first, associate editor Rachael and I were hesitant to let anyone outside our trusted, core group of writers have a place on Mumbling Mommy. The content on these pages is just too near and dear to our hearts to open it up to just anybody else. But as the emails continued to pour in, we decided that rather than fight our own success, we should research some ways to embrace it. After all, the time that our volunteer writers and editors spend on this blog is precious, and they deserve some recognition.

So as we move forward, you will start to see some company names associated with the blog. You may have already noticed a few. We have carefully selected sponsors and advertisers to be part of our blog. What you might see are posts that have the usual tips for our readers with a note at the bottom letting you know a specific company sponsored that information. Rest assured that one of our writers compiled that post, or at the very least edited and fact-checked it. You may also see small display ads at the bottom of a post, or new logos under our “Meet Our Sponsors” link in the right-hand column.

What you won’t see: Pop-up ads, phantom posts that have no apparent connection to a company, or ads that split up the text of a post you are reading. You will also not see sponsored posts from companies we feel are at odds with our core values as mothers (no payday loan companies or weight-loss pills).

Our content remains king (or queen?) of everything we post here. We believe that through selective advertising and monetizing efforts, we will be able to provide you with even more quality information at a faster pace — all at no cost to you, our readers.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable within these cyber pages. We look forward to these next steps for this very special blog, and can’t wait for you to take the journey with us.

Very Sincerely,

On behalf of all the bloggers,
Katie Parsons

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