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Your first born child is special. That’s the child that sealed your identity in womanhood. The first child to bring you tears of pain and joy all at once. The first child to make you realize you might do it all wrong and yet will still love you no matter what.

First Child: Golden Child

In my house this also tends to be the golden child. The child who everyone just loves because he’s so easy going and just allaround likeable.

Matthew has almost always been the easiest child. He has usually been the most compliant, responsible, trustworthy, helpful child of all my children. And he’s only twelve… going on twenty five.  He’s not old enough for a real paying job, but is always asking about ways to make money.

I remember when he was only two he’d follow his Daddy around like a mini version of Ken. He always seemed to be an old man in a child’s body. And he’s always been in a hurry to grow up. The sad part is I’ve let him.

My big guy at the age of 4

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to grow up so fast. But it’s just been so easy. He walked and talked early. He went to kindergarten early when most boys usually aren’t ready. He tied his shoes and learned to read fairly early. The list goes on and on.

Honestly it has been a blessing and a curse. While he’s been busy growing up and being so cool, I’ve spent the majority of my parenting career comparing my other kids to him. I find myself expecting the other kids to measure up to his level of achievement.

I’ve had to catch myself many times and refocus on each child to meet their needs.  I’ve had to remind myself that every one of my kids learn and grow at different paces.

I’m learning now that we are homeschooling that he is just as normal as any other kid in

Surrounded by awards in 5th grade

many ways. He does make mistakes. He is disobedient at times. He actually asks me for help with his school work now. He is messy and stinky and selfish at times.

He’s still the golden child in many ways. But he’s also normal. And I’ll take normal any day!



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