Katie Katie Parsons is the creator of Mumbling Mommy and is a freelance writer, editor and communications specialist. She works from her home office on the east coast of Florida. Most often she writes about life in a combined family of five children and what it's like being a full time work-from-home parent. Feel free to pitch guest post ideas or just drop her a line at katie@mumblingmommy.com.
Katie will join Nancy Redd at 6:30 p.m. EST

Set your smartphone to send you a reminder that Katie will be a guest on Nancy Redd‘s HuffPost  Live show tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST. She will be one of a panel of guests on the show talking about body image issues — specifically related to pregnancy.

Nancy read Katie’s post on the mentality of anorexics during pregnancy and wanted to hear more. A former Miss West Virginia and Miss America finalist, Nancy Redd is considered an expert on body image issues as they relate to young women.

You can register here to participate in a web chat during the show. We hope to see a lot of our readers there!

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