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Hello Mommas!

First, let me introduce myself. I am owner/photographer of Life’s Fotos Portraiture Design in Oxford, Michigan. I am a self taught professional photographer who honed my skills through years of practice, a few classes here and there, and tons of workshops and seminars.I have always loved Photography. My Aunt always had a camera on hand, and at times I was her stand-in photographer. I progressed into always having a camera ready for school events, band camp and other get-togethers.My family had a great opportunity to live in Shanghai, China for 3 years. While there, I was able to hone my skills, & take my photography to a new level. I worked with the Baobei Foundation, an organization that helps give life-saving surgeries to Chinese orphans. I also worked with Forever Families, and met so many people who gave so much of their love, heart & homes that I gave back the only way I could — through photography. I was honored to give new families the joy of family pictures following adoptions.

I’d like to extend what I’ve learned to other mommies out there. Join me each month to learn more about your camera. I’ll give assignments each month and you will be able to see how much you improve! Make sure to post your photos on the special Facebook page we’ve created — whether it’s a point-and-shoot or a SLR.Most people turn their cameras on, and then push the shutter button to take photos, never paying attention to the knobs, buttons & all the settings in the menu. I’d like to change that by helping you understand what all of those choices mean.

Let’s start with some basics — the little picture icons on your camera. Some are on dials at the top of the camera, some are located inside the menu, or beside the display screen. I’m talking about the little icons that have a night sky, a little flower, the silhouette of a person, etc. I want to start by focusing on one of my favorite basic settings.

The NIGHT SKY:  This setting helps in low light situations. IF using this setting, make sure to steady the camera, by using a tripod or a stable structure. If something like this isn’t available, keep your elbows tucked into your body & maintain steady slow breathing.

So, here’s your first assignment:

Anytime this month when you take a photo, and the flash goes off, switch your flash off, and turn your nighttime icon on then retake the photo. Make sure to steady your camera, or the photos will turn out blurry. The image will be “true to color” and not washed out as with the flash.

Upload the shots you take to our Facebook assignment page.

Happy Shooting!

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