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There is free stuff for twins to be had — if you look in the right places.

Babies are expensive. Even if you breastfeed, even if you cloth diaper, even if you make everything you can from home, they are still expensive. Now imagine two of them!

Faced with this myself, I spent many hours researching ways to save money. I’ve signed up for every coupon service, every discount offer, and every points and rewards program. I contacted numerous companies to see if they offer a discount or sample offer for families with a multiple birth and wouldn’t you believe it? There are a ton of great money-saving opportunities out there!

It does take a bit of effort. I did most of my research while I sat in the hospital on bed rest. I addressed the envelopes in the NICU. And I stuffed the birth certificates with the help of my husband after putting our older daughter to bed.

Here are a few of the best free stuff for twins offers:

Free and discounted packs of Pampers and Luvs diapers. Proctor & Gamble will send you vouchers for 1 free pack (up to a $9 value) of each brand. They also include vouchers for $5 off a pack of each, a couple for $2 off a pack of, and several for $1 off a pack of each brands’ wipes. I would highly suggest taking advantage of at least the free packs, even if you are cloth diapering your twins. You never know when you’ll need a disposable.

Free cases of Enfamil formula. I had every intention of breastfeeding my daughters. I had huge success with my oldest and never imagined the problems I’d encounter with the
twins. It is what it is though and while I am still breastfeeding, we must supplement with formula. Enfamil is the only formula brand I’ve found with such an amazing offer. Not only will they send you random sample size cans of formula, they send out some amazing coupons. AND they have a one time offer of a free case (SIX 12 oz cans) PER BABY. Depending on where you shop, just one of these cans costs upwards of $10 and they send you 6 for each kid you have in one pregnancy.

Free toys and sippy cups from The First Years and Lamaze, owned by Tomy. You may not need sippy cups now but I promise you, your life will soon be consumed with them. I love the Take N Toss brand from The First Years. They are good quality but cheap in cost. And when your toddler manages to beat them to pieces, they are recyclable. Tomy also owns Lamaze who offers bright colors and contrast in their education toys. We received two adorable plush teething rattles in the same care package.

Free gift certificates and onesies from Gerber. Gerber sent out $20 worth of gift certificates for use on purees and cereals. We plan to make our own baby food as we did with our oldest but I’m not one to pass up on something free. For $20, we got 4 boxes of cereal, and 16 stage one purees for no cost to us. You really can’t complain about that, now can you? They also sent out a white onesie for each baby depicting their famous logo.

You can get valuable coupons from Playtex, Beechnut, Similac, Huggies, and many more places by signing up for their newsletters. If you really want free stuff for twins, be warned that you will be bombarded by e-mails. I actually created a separate account for promotional purposes. It’s annoying at times but well worth the savings.

By spending just a bit of time contacting some of these big name companies and inquiring about their multiple-birth program, you’ll find yourself able to take advantage of these great offers as well!

Where have you found free stuff for twins? Share it in the comments.

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