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I love complimenting other people —  especially if I think that something about them is especially awesome. I don’t tend to give out shallow compliments but certainly dish them out when they are due.

Unless I’m talking about myself, of course. Nothing worth mentioning there. Like most women, I’m my own worst critic (pretty sure…) and a lot of times, I’m unreasonably harsh.

Which is why I loved this post from Anya Strzemien on the Stylelist blog over at the Huffington Post. In it, she talks about her aversion to hearing people talk badly about themselves and how she started a “tip jar” where people must deposit $1 if she catches them saying something bad about themselves (she is not exempt).

She’s taken it one step further… for every comment on the post where someone gives himself or herself a compliment, the Huffington Post Media Group will donate $1 to Girls, Inc. — up to $5,000.

I just checked the comment section before posting this and it’s only up to 461. So if you are reading this, hop on over there and say something nice — about yourself! It was also pretty cool to read what other people had to say.

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