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My husband and I are not religious people. We do celebrate the typical Christian holidays, but we do not attend church or pray. That being said, I love Easter. I do know the religious meaning behind the holiday, and Jack will be taught what the Christian meaning behind the holiday is as he gets older. But at this point, we just enjoy having fun hunting eggs and playing the Easter Bunny for Jack. A few thoughts on the holiday as it approaches…

Hello… Easter Bunny?
  • I have posted now a couple times about my new family members (kittens). Last Saturday, while Jack was visiting my mother-in-law for the weekend, a very friendly bunny turned up on my front porch! I was confused at first. We live in an area that has some trees and a large drainage canal, so animal sightings are not unusual. But this bunny was decidedly tame. It let us pet it, it chased our cat. I decided this must be someone’s pet bunny. We thought it would be a good idea to catch the bunny and try to find it’s owner. During this fiasco, we talked to Jack and my mother-in-law. I guess that she told Jack that the rabbit might be the Easter Bunny! Guess what we haven’t heard the end of since? We got the bunny back to its owner (which happened to be our next door neighbors) that day. Jack still wants to know what happened to the bunny!

  • I’m definitely making these carrot cake bars this weekend! Check out the recipe on


  • I loooove dying Easter eggs. The traditional egg dye is sometimes kind of boring. It’s perfect for Jack, but I want something a little more fancy. I found this awesome method on Pinterest. You wrap the egg in something silk (old tie, scarf) then in cloth, then soak in water. The pattern and color on the silk transfer to the eggs! I’m going to try it if I can hit Goodwill this week for some old silk. Check out the idea here.


  • I am bound and determined not to go overboard for Easter! Can some fellow moms please let me know if you think this is too much?

— Candy, of course.

–Small stuffed chick.

— Add-water-and-grow dinosaur, small kit to paint wooden shapes,mini Cars sticker
book (all from the $.99 section at Hobby Lobby, woot!)

— Paul Frank watering can and set of 3 garden tools

— Bubble-blowing lawn mower (on sale for $10! down from the usual $20)

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