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What did you do this weekend? Anything to commemorate Earth Day?

While I did not plant a tree or go clean up my local beach, I did invest in a few more reusable shopping bags and reevaluate some of the other ways I can change my daily habits in order to be more environmentally friendly.

My participation was a far cry from some parents, namely those in 300 different locations who participated in the “Great Cloth Diaper Change” on Saturday evening. These parents who have shunned disposables were trying to raise awareness and set a record for the most cloth diapers changed concurrently.

Last year, the initiative set a record at 5,026 cloth diapers being changed at once. Wow. That’s a lot of dirty bottoms. That number is actually LESS than the estimated amount of disposable diapers that a family will go through by the time a child turns two. The numbers for this year have not been released yet but I can imagine they will easily surpass the current record.

I used disposables with my first daughter, and we still use some with my stepdaughter. The plan is to go with cloth diapers this time around and we will see how that goes. I’m not sure if I’m gung ho enough about the environment to forgo convenience. Not to mention the fact that laundry is probably my least favorite chore.

We have two bloggers who are going to weigh in on the cloth diapering issue this week, but I’m curious to hear what other parents have to say about the debate.

What do you think?

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