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Last night I watched a few hours of the History Channel.  The topic was prophecies regarding possible worldwide upheaval on 12/21/2012.

I tend to not “buy into” these types of panic. In 2000, we were told that our world would be in ruin upon the stroke of midnight 12/31/1999. For those of you who were young then, the concern was that computers worldwide would fail to function due to not being able to convert themselves from 1999 to 2000.

There were “end of the world” parties everywhere (we are a strange life form).  Guess what?  Overall, most computers clicked to 2000 with no drama.

Now we are being warned of an impending SOMETHING on 12/21/2012.  I must say, that from my observation of the History Channel, the information is worth some concern.

The Mayan culture, the Hindu culture, the Hopi Indian culture, Leonardo de Vinci, Nostradamus, some guys on an acid trip in South America who were shown codes and time lines for the event, web bot tracking key words indicating that SOMETHING is impending, and several other interesting sources seem to be concerned about this date.  I even watched a segment about a huge underground storage area where every type of seed of every type of plant is being stored so that we can replant the earth.

Um…now what?  My husband and I have decided to complete our “Grab & Go” bags which are designed for temporary situations such as flood, home loss, danger of some sort. These include copies of important papers, basic energy foods, fresh water and/or means of converting water into fresh water (see local sporting goods stores), warm clothes, etc.

But we are also in full-throttle defiance.  In the next several months, we have 5 weddings coming up…and we will dance, and laugh, and celebrate new beginnings.

We have another grandchild on the way (number 5 – the number for grace), and a grand-niece or grand-nephew besides.

We will continue to go to work everyday, to give to our church, to be good neighbors, to honor our faith, to love our family, and to try to make a positive impact on others we come in contact.

If this is IT….we’ll go out with love.

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