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After reading Katie’s list of parenting sites she frequents, I was inspired to add my own. I love them all but the Babycenter community has been my rock since I was pregnant with my son almost 5 years ago. Time flies, that is for sure!

So here are three must-have parenting places online and in the “app” world.

BabyCenter Community
I joined the July 2008 board when I was just barely 3 months pregnant with my son. I have since explored many other boards. BabyCenter is a huge community with members from all different walks of life. Many boards are very popular, including Cooking for Your Family, several grief and loss groups, and the infamous Bargain Hunters. I have been friends with several of the women from my birth board for going on 5 years now! We have forged friendships outside of the boards as well.

Crappy Pictures

Hilarious parenting stories illustrated by pictures.

This iPhone app gets an honorable mention. It is an awesome, simple to-do list app for iPhone. It’s clean looking and you can actually cross off tasks as you complete them. Well worth the $2.99!

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