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Being able to show off cute pictures of your kids online to your family, friends and sort-of-friends is one of the best parts about being connected in cyberspace. But showing off isn’t the only perk about being a parent and having an online presence. If you know where to go online, you can be a more-informed, happier, better parent.

Here are four of my favorite Web sites for parents:

Pour that second cup and check
out my favorite Web sites for parents
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1. Babble. Labled as being a site for “a new generation of parents,” Babble is not your average information-for-parents destination. It’s quirky, funny, off-the-wall and helpful — all at once. Spend some time just looking through the blogs on Babble, and you’ll be glad that you did.

2. Blogfrog. I was just introduced to this site last week… and oh… my… gracious. Forget Pinterest. Blogfrog is where the real addiction’s at. You have to have a blog to join so it may not be for every parent out there but it is a great way to promote your posts, join lively discussions and meet other blogging friends. Check out Mumbling Mommy’s Blogfrog Community here.

3. CafeMom. A network “just for moms,” the site is full of helpful forums and tips for every stage of the mommy journey. The forums on the site are not your average topics. Think things like: “If I could have coffee with anyone in the world, dead or alive, I would choose…” It’s a fun site. I highly recommend a visit.

4. NewsForParents.org. This site is exactly what it sounds like — relevant news for families. Sure, it might not be as glammed up as the others I’ve mentioned, but it is a sound place to find out some of the important things you need to know about parenting. I go there to find ideas for blogging from time to time.

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