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If you frequent this blog, you may have seen the photo of my son and our cat/kittens this past Wednesday. Our cat, Maggie, had kittens last Tuesday. Some would claim that I am a totally irresponsible pet owner for letting my poor young kitty get knocked up. Um, I totally agree. It was not a shining moment to forget to get my young, female, outdoor kitty fixed. I swear, it won’t happen again.


But now we have kittens! I looooove kittens. Have since I was a little girl. Jack is equally obsessed with them. They are tiny and precious! At this point, we plan to keep one and give the rest away (if anyone in Central Florida needs a kitten, please let me know!).

Best of all though, they have given me something to dote on! I feel like maybe this is a silly thought, but I have still been struggling since my miscarriages a few months ago.  I still cringe every time someone on my Facebook news feed pops up pregnant. The kittens are almost like something for me to mother. Babies! I know they have a kitty-mommy and all, but I actually find myself really enjoying needing to watch out for these little critters. I just know I’m going to be a mess when it’s time to part with them. I want to keep them, but I know deep down that we do NOT want to be a 6 cat household. It’s too much!

I am also loving to watch Jack dote on the kitties. I have to monitor him pretty closely with them, because, well, he is three. He is a little rough with them. But, it’s only because he is so interested in everything they do. I’m teaching him to pet them with 1 finger, instead of grab them around the neck (yes, that has happened). He’s doing so well! He loves to be sweet to Mommy Maggie, too.

So stay tuned to find out if I will or will not be able to part with any kittens in about 7 weeks!

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