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I went to the doctor last week. I was in my 25th week of pregnancy, so it was a pretty simple checkup. I was weighed and measured. My blood pressure was checked. I heard my baby’s heartbeat on the handheld Doppler. Everything measured well except my weight. I’ve gained about 27 pounds so far, but nine of those pounds were in the past four weeks.

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The nurse practitioner decided to go over a list of things that I should be eating, should not be eating and what to watch for in my food. I can’t have coffee or tea due to the caffeine, plus a kidney stone scare that may or may not even be warranted. Dairy products, even lean ones, have to be kept at a minimum (kidney stones again). I need to watch my carbs. I need to watch my sugar intake. I should not eat a lot of fruit. According to my nurse practitioner, if I cut up an apple, I should only eat half of it. I said that I eat plain oatmeal for breakfast and she raised an eyebrow. She told me to be careful there.  I should add here that my blood pressure was “perfect” according to the stat nurse. I have not yet taken my glucose test, so we will see what happens with that.

I realize that gaining too much weight during pregnancy can be a major health issue, but I left my visit feeling like I had been put on a diet. Instead of feeling like a beautiful woman who has the power to grow a human, I left the appointment feeling bad. I gained close to 40 pounds with my first daughter and lost all but five of those pounds by the time I returned to work seven weeks later. I took morning walks with my daughter, ate relatively healthy and breastfed. I did not starve myself, hire a personal trainer or count calories. I decided that my body must have just needed those extra pounds for one reason or another. Gaining 25 – 30 pounds during a pregnancy is not my body’s way of doing it.

So I am being more mindful of what I eat, especially my sodium intake. I already drink a lot of water in a day, but am trying to drink even more. I’m eating half of an apple. I’m still eating my morning oatmeal. My husband bought me a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day and I ate three pieces last night.

I’m walking regularly and doing an exercise class on my Wii or at the Y about twice a week. I chase three kids around several days per week and just getting them in and out of their car seats works up a sweat. I will not be reduced to carrot sticks and low-carb thin sandwich-slice bread for the duration of my pregnancy.

I’d like to hear what other women think about weight gain during pregnancy. Did you stress about it, or decide that it was the least of your worries? Do you think doctors are too harsh on pregnant women about weight gain, or do they have reason to be?

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  • Rachael says:

    While it is good to stay gain 25-25 pounds (for a woman who starts pregnancy at a healthy weight), it is nearly impossible to consciously pace your weight gain to stay within that range. Instead, I think it's good to focus on eating healthy and also taking in the proper amount of calories (300 extra per day during pregnancy). I also fail to understand the idea that fruit is bad. I know it has natural sugars, but it's not the same as cake or candy. I say eat the whole apple!

  • Anonymous says:

    Edit: It is good to stay within a 25-35 pound weight gain range.

    That's what I get for typing with a baby in my arms!

  • adailaassb85 says:

    The question which rise in mind is that How to gain right amount of weight gain during pregnancy? According to me the answer is that By eating healthy diet pregnant women can have recommended healthy weight of the baby. Four servings of fruits and vegetables and four servings of dairy products are advised by doctors.

  • adailaassb85 says:

    What is the importance of weight gain during pregnancy? Weight gain is a sign of healthy pregnancy if you are gaining weight then it means your baby is growing normally. To gain weight does not means that eat whatever you want to but it means you need to eat variety of foods. Divide your big meals into smaller ones and you must eat six to eleven smaller meals in a day. Try to keep quick snacks at hand like dried fruits, ice cream, nuts, cheese, and crackers. Fruits and vegetables must be present in the diet of the pregnant women as they are the rich source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

  • Brenda says:

    To avoid undesirable pregnancy weight gain, the most important thing is to make sure you are following a proper diet. There are several nutrients that as a mother you should consume throughout your pregnancy.

    There are also several foods that as a mother you should be avoiding to keep your baby healthy and safe.

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