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This is Ricky — my granddaughter’s point of comparison

My daughter sent me a text today that my soon-to-be 4-year-old granddaughter confidently told her that, “Grandma Sally is taller than Ricky”.

This may seem innocent, but it flooded me with guilt.

Oh dear, it’s been too long since I’ve seen the grandkids….they are looking for memory pegs to locate me in their brains.


It is tough being a Grandma who lives near Chicago, with three (soon to be four) grandkids living near Orlando. Thus is the way of American life. Oh, and by the way, Ricky is their dog. At first, it was just so funny.  Ricky is a bundle of gray/black fur.  He has those wonderful eyes that are always saying, “You know you love me…please love me…I will be the best doggie in the world if you will just love me.”

He is also on Prozac.  Having been somewhat co-dependent here and there in my life, I have always found Ricky to be a great companion, although a bit “over the top” at times. And yes, I am taller.

I remember when both sets of my grandparents retired and moved to Florida for the cold months.  I remember missing them, and feeling a sense of emptiness at times. Even now after they have been long gone from this earth, I look into my heart and into their faces in old pictures and cry a little. I had the best grandparents to ever walk the earth.  Maybe this was only in my eyes, but it was true. And now, I have three, almost four, grandchildren living in Florida (drat that sunshine and warmth).

I will be heading down in a couple of months for the new baby’s arrival. I will take the three older ones to the playground by the ocean, I will play Wii with them (if I can figure it out), I will snuggle and cuddle and weep my heart out when I leave.

I will leave my mark of love in their souls…just like my grandparents did for me. Long after Ricky and I are no longer measuring sticks for my granddaughter’s memory, my love will linger. I am now heading over to see my “in town” granddaughter and give her several more hugs than usual.

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