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So I know February just began, but who has kept their new years resolution? I realized tonight as I was giving Lindsay a bath that I have not. My resolution was to “be in the moment” and put the iPad and cell phone down.

Today I was not enjoying the 278th viewing of ‘Toy Story 3’ so the iPad was my friend. Then when Lindsay was playing with the iPad, I was catching up with a friend via text.  When I started to give Lindsay her bath, I was cursing that I had not brought my cell phone upstairs. Although I may not be a present parent, I also couldn’t leave her in the tub to find the phone. So I tried to be in the moment but she was doing her own thing so I started to pace and then rap my fingers on the side of the tub and I couldn’t take it anymore!  I grabbed the house phone and tried to remember my plus one’s phone number. **side note: Does anyone know anyone else’s phone number anymore? **

Now don’t get me wrong, I love playing with Lindsay but for some reason I don’t love bath time. I think it is because I am multi-tasking at all times; at school, at home, in the car, etc. Ideas and to-do lists run through my head whenever there is down time so the slow pave of bath time triggers my brain.

As you might have guessed, I remembered the phone number wrong so I went back to splashing water and reading ‘Polite as a Princess’. As I was mopping up the splash zone, I realized I have failed as a present mom. I am not waving the white flag quite yet but it is a turning point.

I think I am going to pretend I am at the old Pleasure Island in Orlando. I had gone there a few times with my Uncle Billy and I remember celebrating New Years’ on a random Thursday in July. So Wednesday, February 1st I am going to be present (at least more present than today!)

So, back to you. Have you kept your resolution or will you be having another New Years’ on February 1 too?

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