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So I know February just began, but who has kept their new years resolution? I realized tonight as I was giving Lindsay a bath that I have not. My resolution was to “be in the moment” and put the iPad and cell phone down.

Today I was not enjoying the 278th viewing of ‘Toy Story 3’ so the iPad was my friend. Then when Lindsay was playing with the iPad, I was catching up with a friend via text.  When I started to give Lindsay her bath, I was cursing that I had not brought my cell phone upstairs. Although I may not be a present parent, I also couldn’t leave her in the tub to find the phone. So I tried to be in the moment but she was doing her own thing so I started to pace and then rap my fingers on the side of the tub and I couldn’t take it anymore!  I grabbed the house phone and tried to remember my plus one’s phone number. **side note: Does anyone know anyone else’s phone number anymore? **

Now don’t get me wrong, I love playing with Lindsay but for some reason I don’t love bath time. I think it is because I am multi-tasking at all times; at school, at home, in the car, etc. Ideas and to-do lists run through my head whenever there is down time so the slow pave of bath time triggers my brain.

As you might have guessed, I remembered the phone number wrong so I went back to splashing water and reading ‘Polite as a Princess’. As I was mopping up the splash zone, I realized I have failed as a present mom. I am not waving the white flag quite yet but it is a turning point.

I think I am going to pretend I am at the old Pleasure Island in Orlando. I had gone there a few times with my Uncle Billy and I remember celebrating New Years’ on a random Thursday in July. So Wednesday, February 1st I am going to be present (at least more present than today!)

So, back to you. Have you kept your resolution or will you be having another New Years’ on February 1 too?

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  • Katie P says:

    I have always disliked the part of New Year's Resolutions where people only decide to change once per year. Good for you for not waiting 11 more months on yours! Also, do not feel bad! You do great with Lindsay. Don't beat yourself up!

  • lauren says:


    I am revisiting my resolution as well!! Thanks for reminding me!
    Also… I hate bath time too!!

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