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My Christmas companion

As the holidays arrived, I was reminded how different my life is than most of my friends.  I am straddling two different worlds, one that requires caring for a 2 year old mostly on my own and one that tempts me to go out and enjoy my limited free time.  Most of my friends are married and have young kids, which is great for those random Tuesday afternoons in the summer when we meet up at the beach but it is a little difficult when it is family time and I am single with a rambunctious toddler.  I don’t really fit in with the ideal family crowd as I am the only one running after her to make sure she doesn’t grab a glass picture frame or eat food that will require me to use the epi pen. I also do not fit in with the swinging singles since 7AM comes quickly!

Especially during the holiday season, my free time is not free.  I am running in a million directions doing the in and out of the car errands that are not very easy with a toddler who has a one in-out rule. At this stage of Lindsay’s development it is not easy to jump in with the kind invitations to go see Santa or travel on the Polar Express or wind through the woods on the local holiday hayride.  Lindsay is not a fan of her carriage; however she is a runner so our outings are limited to quick jaunts while walking fast.

Lindsay and I had many fabulous holiday memories this year that are simple and perfect for her.  We searched for the best holiday lights while in the comfort of our warm car.  We also decorated our Charlie Brown Christmas tree with wooden (but as I learned, easily breakable) ornaments.  Her favorite one to show me was the red heart and I smiled every time she brought it to me.  Lindsay is my family so even if we don’t fit in with the regular family unit, we had the best holiday I could ask for.

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